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Sunday, September 04, 2005

2:04 AM - Meet the Cast

Top dog here - "Non Ameyet":

Star, sleuth, and spec-wearing dog: mystery surrounds the identity of this strip's lead cast member.

He does have a name, but work-mates have not yet been game enough to inspect the ID tag on his collar. Yet this is the common working dog in most newsrooms. He is the unknown hero of any newsroom. A jack(russell)-of-all-trades who can churn out any yarn, but doesn't generally get a share of the spotlight like some big name celebrities in journalism.

As our tail unfolds, we will eventually get to discover the exact identity of this chap. But for now, his simply has 'no name yet'.

Crusty old companion - Larry la'Conic:

This is a hard-boiled employee with deep issues. This salty old sea-dog has made a career of struggling to crawl up from the very bottom of the media cess-pit - only to find the rarefied air up above is not to his liking. This is a born-again cynic.

His one driving ambition is to plumbs new depths in lying stagnant for as long as possible in one spot.

(Note: periodic updates will be made to this post as details come to hand)

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