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Thursday, August 18, 2005

6:53 PM - So what is going on with the dog's name?

In the credits, you may have seen tlewis billed as the blogtoonist and "Non Ameyet" as the newsroom's star, sleuth, and dog.

Weird name, huh? Non Ameyet. Just what language is that?

Rest assured. In real life, our star pooch has a normal name. One that does not result in him coping the scorn and riddle of peers. He can hold his head high among his canine companions - free from the risk of cruel taunting or teasing.

But for now, consider "Non Ameyet" as merely a nom de plume. (That last bit I can at least identify as being French). Think of it as a pen name for a pup, or a working title for this toon's working dog.

I have deliberately left the name vague in the initial strips. It is part of a bigger game.

There are plans afoot to eventually invite readers to help find a name for the star. But that event is way off in the distant future.

For now, simply think of our hero as having no name yet (or when said another way - Non Ameyet).

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